Pakistan Journal of Neurological Sciences

The journal is brought out quarterly by a joint collaboration of the Pakistan Society of Neurology, Pakistan Academy of Neurological Sciences, and Pakistan International Neuroscience Society. Its mission is to publish top-quality academic content in a rigorous and accessible format integrating neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuro-radiology and basic neuroscience. The overall aim is to help clinicians and scientists stay abreast of their fields.

Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO-EMRO)

logo Affiliated with:
Pakistan Society of Neurology (PSN)
Pakistan Academy of Neurological Sciences (PANS)
Pakistan International Neuroscience Society (PINS)
Neurology Awareness & Research Foundation (NARF)
Recognized By:
Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the
World Health Organization (EMRO-WHO)
Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC)
Higher Education Commission (HEC)

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